AGIC Group-North Africa

Alemad Global International Company


Our Vision

The vision of AGIC is to become one of the finest, trusted and fast-growing company, with a strong influence in the global markets. We strive to deliver the best possible products and professional services, and to become a partner of choice to investors and stakeholders in our chosen industries and areas of expertise.

Most importantly, while we focus on our commitment for our valued customers to achieve financial growths, we also aim to contribute in our own way to the well-being and further development of our communities.

Our Mission

The mission of AGIC is to offer highly competitive and best quality products and services, as well as diverse investment opportunities for investors, business partners and stakeholders. Our goal is to become a major local and international player in providing petrochemical, oil & gas and allied industries in addtion to other business services.

Together with our highly committed staff, our strong belief and ethical business culture, we continue to build profitable ventures and deliver results-oriented products and services that could meet the demands and needs of our clients.

Our  Target

At AGIC we focus on Quality and Competence in each of our business segments, as we believe this both secures the most long term value for our customers and affords AGIC the stable platform required for continuous improvement. 


The extra effort we put into our people, our organization and our international network assists us in providing the competitive edge required in today’s market. 

Alemad Global International Company

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